Industry Partners

With focus areas in AI/ML, cybersecurity, neuromorphic computing, and quantum technologies, Innovare is ready to partner with leading and “outside the box” organizations to advance technologies beyond today’s boundaries.
Innovare Advancement Center’s partnership process helps ensure goal alignment from the start—steadfastly focused on developing the right knowledge and technologies—with the right partners in relevant high-tech sectors.  

Such organizations are able to explore potential ways to collaborate, with the opportunity to enter into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement in the future. Start by connecting with us at to learn more about leveraging Innovare’s capabilities and options to co-locate on-site.

Become a Partner

Interested educational institutions are encouraged to connect with Innovare by emailing us at with the potential to enter into an Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA) in the future, or, more generally, a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).
Have a question? Learn more about Innovare Advancement Center’s unmatched research opportunities by calling 315.838.1696 or sending an email to

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