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We are proudly building impactful partnerships. If you’re a researcher—whether from the United States or beyond—or represent a college or university, we hope you’ll join us on our mission.

By engaging with Innovare Advancement Center, industrial organizations and higher-educational institutions are able to bring researchers and visiting faculty here to accelerate their talents and pursue research opportunities in our core research areas.

K-12 / STEM

If you represent a K-12 institution,
or an impactful community organization, we hope you’ll connect with us to light the way for students to enjoy a lifetime of success. 

To do so, Innovare Advancement Center offers immersive, year-round virtual and in-person science, technology, engineering, and mathematics -based opportunities for young students. We are thrilled to connect with schools and community organizations because we must inspire the next-generation of research leaders so everyone can thrive.

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