Innovare Aspire Summit
JULY 26-27, 2022

The start of your Innovare journey IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!

ASPIRE to be something great!

Join us to explore and discover new ways to leverage each other, in new government - academic - industry teams, to accelerate technologies critical to national security. 
Aspire Summit Day 1
SUMMIT DAY 1 – JULY 26 – INVITE ONLY: Workshop for Challenge Problem Submitters. Selected teams meet with AFRL to discuss their approach to challenge problems.


Aspire Summit Day 2
SUMMIT DAY 2 – JULY 27 – OPEN INVITE: Join us at Innovare for an action packed day, with talks from the AFRL Technology Transfer Office, Cornell University, US Space Force, as well as a panel discussion led by Clarkson University discussing Upstate NY's regional development. Following these discussions, Innovare will host a poster session for their visiting faculty programs in the West Hangar. Please join us and see all the fantastic work we do here at the Innovare Advancement Center.

10:00 AM   Welcome
10:05 AM   AFRL Technology Transfer Office Discussion
10:30 AM  Cornell University Regional Research Hub Discussion
11:00 AM    AFRL/RI Space Projects Team Discussion
11:30 AM    Lunch
1:00 PM     Clarkson University Regional Development Panel Discussion
2:00 PM    Wrap Up & Networking
3:00 PM    Information Institute Poster Session
Summit submitters
Aspire partners

Innovare Aspire Series Opportunity Call

Call Release: 27 April 2022
Submissions Open: 27 April 2022
Ask Me Anything: 12 May 2022
Submissions Close: 16 June 2022 at 11:59pm ET
Summit: 26-27 July 2022
The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Directorate seeks transformational research and development partnerships with industry, academia, and other public and private organizations through the 2022 Innovare Aspire Series. 

Innovare Aspire Series is an annual campaign to converge diverse capabilities in United States Air Force and United States Space Force strategic priority areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, cyber, nanoelectronics, neuromorphic computing, quantum, and UAS; organize and motivate diverse teams to tackle specific technical challenges; and deliver high-impact, performance-ready capabilities that enhance American competitiveness through diversified commercialization pathways. 

Successful partnership idea submissions should align with the challenge areas, include research and development concepts that your organizations are pursuing, and would benefit from additional collaborations with the Air Force Research Laboratory or other industry partners. Understanding the associated business and use cases for your organization is critical to ensure maximum opportunity and collaboration opportunities. Outcome expectations and resource opportunities can be accomplished through various approaches including, but not limited to: modeling & simulation, utility experimentation, exercise participation, technical analysis, technology maturation, risk reduction activities, and subject matter expertise input. 

Applicants to this series will be evaluated against the challenge criteria. Applicants with research concepts and collaboration proposals that have the best alignment with the future research needs of the Laboratory will be invited to the Innovare Aspire Summit, a hybrid event facilitated by AFRL’s Information Directorate and Griffiss Institute. At this event, prospective partners will convene on novel ways to tackle the Innovare Aspire Series challenges through collaborative agreements. 

2022 Aspire Challenges

Click on a Challenge to learn more about each one
Neurosymbolic C2AI-Enabled Change Detection Non-Traditional EventsInternet of Things (IoT) Living LaboratoryAI-Enabled Change Detection Non-Traditional Events:

Desire to source and build relevant data sets in order to deploy artificial intelligence (AI-Enabled) software that can detect changes in objects, over time, in overhead imagery/video. This software should be flexible enough to detect changes in buildings/terrains/geographies/vegetation levels, in various lighting and weather conditions.....
Internet of Things (IoT) Living Laboratory:

To innovate a holistic, cyber secure environment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and networks in a realistic cost-effective manner.....
Harnessing Weird Machines2022 Innovare Aspire SummitAir Force Space Force Aspire ChallengeHarnessing Weird Machines:

General-purpose computers execute software to simulate the finite state machine (FSM) defined by the specification of the program. Software thus attempts to constrain execution to a set of intended, authorized/secure states and transitions. However, due to programming errors, faults, incomplete/incorrect specifications, there are also sets of unintended and unauthorized/insecure states present, some of which are reachable by presenting unexpected inputs to the software. The functionality achieved through the use of these unintended states is known as a weird machine, and the unexpected input sequences necessary to program the weird machine are known as weird instructions. For inputs connected to physical interfaces, such as sensors or radio frequency (RF) apertures, the weird instructions can take the form of the corresponding stimuli.....
Multi-Source Workflow For Event Detection And Evaluation:

Create a product that can identify and characterize events using the fusion of different types of collection (multi-INT), from different sources (multi-source), and including different representations of data modes (multi-modal), starting with object sensing and identification to hypothesis formulation, followed by intelligent request for information, collection, and analysis. Assume data integrity, the accuracy, completeness, safety and consistency of data is maintained over time and across all formats. The event and dataset itself are open-ended so organizations can develop their own system or workflow.....