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K-12 / STEM

If you represent a K-12 institution,
or an impactful community organization, we hope you’ll connect with us to light the way for students to enjoy a lifetime of success. 


Partnerships with the Air Force Research Laboratory

Innovare facilitates a variety of avenues for partnership engagement with the Air Force Research Laboratory. These include Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, Information Transfer Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Educational Partnership Agreements, Patent License Agreements, and Commercial Test Agreements.

International Researchers

Innovare’s core strengths include AI/ML, cybersecurity, neuromorphic computing, and quantum technologies. By acting boldly in these relatively new areas with the right vision and goals, technologies and capabilities can be advanced in ways we can only imagine.


Colleges & Universities

Talent Exchange.
Research Opportunities.
Curricular Alignment.


Community Organizations

It’s about elevating today’s generation so they can make the future happen.


Industry Partners

With focus areas in AI/ML, cybersecurity, neuromorphic computing, and quantum technologies, Innovare is ready to partner with leading and “outside the box” organizations to advance technologies beyond today’s boundaries.


Become Innovare!

We are proudly building impactful partnerships. If you’re a researcher—whether from the United States or beyond—or represent a college or university, we hope you’ll join us on our mission.

By engaging with Innovare Advancement Center, industrial organizations and higher-educational institutions are able to bring researchers and visiting faculty here to accelerate their talents and pursue research opportunities in our core research areas.

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