Innovare Advancement Center

An open innovation campus. A pivotal strategic shift.

Led by the Air Force Research Laboratory—Information Directorate (AFRL/RI) and Griffiss Institute, in partnership with top high-tech industrial, leading-edge academic, and forward-thinking governmental stakeholders, this facility is the heart of our global community, focused on what it takes to catalyze the key collaborations that spark innovations in areas critical to U.S. strength and economic competitiveness.
• 150,000 square feet

• 13,000 square feet of Open Research Area

• Located in the Heart of New York State

• Two Leading-Edge Quantum Labs
Event Space: Training Areas, Conference, & Breakout Rooms

• Co-Located Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Site

• Two Neuromorphic/Nanoelectronics-Focused Labs
"Just over the fence”
from AFRL/RI we prioritize immediate engagement of new partners in R&D.

This is how we can deliver technological solutions that enable a global competitive edge in the core competencies of C4I&Cyber:
Command and control

Command + Control








3D Walkthroughs

Innovare Open Research Environment

Located on the 3rd floor, this modern open research space was designed with collaboration among researchers in mind.

Griffiss Institute
Open & Public Spaces

Located on the 2nd floor, rental space is available; open meeting areas, closed office meeting areas, conference/board rooms, auditorium and kitchen.

Griffiss Institute Business Space

The Griffiss Institute staff enjoys this contemporary office space located on the 2nd floor.

The above videos are generously provided by True Images of CNY and roi Office Interiors.

“The Griffiss Institute has a mission to bring together the Air Force Research Laboratory, Industry and Academia to facilitate and grow the technology base. We are excited about enabling successful cooperative or joint activities under Innovare Advancement Center, a world-class collaborative facility."
Col. Timothy J. Lawrence, Director of the AFRL Information Directorate


Sky Dome Artist Rendering

SkyDome, a premier instrumented Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) experimentation indoor/outdoor facility, supports the development and test of technologies for autonomous swarms, resilient swarm communications, advanced sensing, and to survive and operate in contested environments. Designed to accommodate year-round testing of UAS, the SkyDome facility is immediately adjacent to the space shared by the AFRL-RI, the Griffiss Institute, and SUNY in the Innovare Advancement Center complex, and includes:

Indoor instrumented UAS experimentation facility (200’x200’x50’) connected to an outdoor, instrumented, netted UAS experimentation area (250’x150’x70’)

Pre-test facility with RF test equipment and workbenches, to support multiple development/test teams (~50’x50’)

Operations center and data management system AND
Observation, office and meeting areas