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Need a venue for your high-tech workshop? A place for invitees from five continents to attend your conference? Interested organizations are welcome to request more information about how Innovare Advancement Center can host your event at its world-class facility by contacting or by calling 315.838.1696.

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Innovare is constantly welcoming the world's top researches and organizations as they hold their events, conferences and gatherings at our state-of-the-art facility. We welcome you to attend one of our open events or schedule one of your own with us.

Innovare Aspire Ask Me Anything

Innovare Aspire Series: 
Ask Me Anything

May 13, 2021 » 1-4 PM EST

The Innovare Aspire Series Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) will feature presentations and discussions from Scientists and Engineers at AFRL who authored challenges for this year's Innovare Aspire Series, as well as keynotes from thought leaders presenting their case on the importance of finding solutions on diverse capabilities in United States Air Force and United States Space Force strategic priority areas.  There will also be networking opportunities as well as facilitated Q&A sessions.

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