Untrusted Data: Validation of Data Transmission Algorithms

Software Assurance | Untrusted Data: Validation of Data Transmission Algorithms

What is the objective?  
Create an academic and/or industry team partnered with government counterparts with the intended output of white papers/analysis to look at the current state of the art algorithms/methodologies focused on providing assurance for data in transmission against varying data sets/applications (Could be data generation versus data in transmission as well as an alternative).

What problem are we trying to solve?  
Provide mission assurance though information assurance on hardware we do not own, software we did not write and without awareness of who/what is sharing our resources.

What outcome do we hope to achieve?  
New innovative ways of providing assurance within the Information Life Cycle. This could be for one or more states of the Information Life cycle (i.e. generation and processing or just transmission). Full definitions of mission assurance and Information Life Cycle are available in the referenced journal paper.

What resources could the lab provide?  
AFRL could provide subject matter experts for research support and validation (facilities and data sources to work with).

What would success look like?  
Mission focused solutions to provide information with associated risks known and boundary conditions/assumptions of solutions identified.

What types of solutions would we expect?  
Solutions would focus on the assurance of the data in all or part of the Information Life cycle.

What's in it for industry?  
          • Focus on customer/warfighter requirements
          • Access to SMEs for current and future collaboration
          • Academic publication and presentation opportunities (with co-authors)
          • Exposure to additional researchers focused on this topic area
          • Potential realistic datasets for use in research

The Request for Partnership Submission Period Has Now Ended.

References: Jabbour, Kamal, Ph.D. and Muccio, Sarah, Ph.D.. "The Science of Mission Assurance." Journal of Strategic Security 4, no. 2 (2011): 61-74.
Available at: https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/jss/vol4/iss2/5